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Our Story

Birthday Cake
We are two Town of Victoria Park parents who are really passionate about reducing single-use plastic.

As parents of primary school aged children we’d seen our fair share of kids birthday parties, which means we’ve seen our fair share of party waste. We’re not talking about that muffin with one bite taken out of it, we’re talking disposable plastic plates, bowls, cups and cutlery. Not to mention single-use water bottles, juice boxes and party decorations such as balloons and foil bunting. All of this single-use plastic goes in the bin, to last for 400 years or more.

But we get it, parties are hard enough.

So we needed to come up with an easy solution. A party kit that has everything you need.

A good party kit needs:

More than enough reusable plates, cups, bowls and cutlery

A product that is durable and kid friendly (not breakable)

Easy to clean afterwards

Easy and convenient to pick up and drop off

Cheaper than buying single-use plastic from K-Mart or Coles

So we pitched our idea at a community crowd-funding dinner

And we won! You can read more about this in our blog post.

Using the power of community

In 2021 we donated our kit systems to Millen Primary School P&C Committee to specifically raise money for sustainability initiatives.

Want to create your own party kit system?

We would love to share how this system works and what you need to create a successful party kit system. Email us if you'd like to chat.

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