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Our first donation

When we started this little business in August 2019 my main focus was to get single-use plastic out of landfill and to donate most of the money to charitable organisations. Since then we've had 21 parties and saved an estimated 1189 pieces of single-use plastic out of landfill!

BUT it’s really hard to think about parties when Australia is experiencing a climate crisis with fires burning across the country. So it seems fitting that our first ever donation will be to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

If these bushfires tell us anything it’s that IT IS TIME TO CHANGE. Choose one thing you’re going to concentrate on that will help the planet (Refuse takeaway coffee cups? Ride your bike? Eat less meat? Give up fast fashion? Buy local?) there are loads of ways you can make an impact and it just starts with one action, and it WILL have a ripple effect.

By using Planet Party Kits you save, on average, 40 pieces of single-use plastic from landfill - so you're off to a good start! Share our service with your friends and encourage everyone to have a waste free party.

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