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Terms and Conditions

Planet Party Kits Terms & Conditions of Hire


Planet Party Kits has been created to support the community use less single-use plastic. We charge a small fee with 100% of the funds raised going to the Millen Primary School P&C Committee for sustainability initiatives.

By borrowing a Planet Party Kit you agree to our Terms & Conditions of use.


Summary of terms

“Borrower” – the person, group or business who has agreed to borrow the dishes within a defined timeframe.

“Party Kit” – also referred to as the “Kit”; is everything inside the box, including the box. Each box will be provided with a list of items inside.

“Items” – the components of the Party Kit including the box.

“We” – the Millen Primary School P&C Committee, also referred to as "Planet Party Kits". We are volunteers who run this business.

"Pick up" - the act of obtaining the kit for use

"Drop off" - the act of returning the kit


1.0       Borrowing


1.1        In order to book you must be a current family attending Millen Primary School. Only families attending the school are allowed on the premises to collect and drop off the kits.


1.2        All items must be collected from East Victoria Park at the agreed time, and returned following use at the agreed time. 


1.3        Items will be placed inside a box, unless otherwise stated.


1.4        All borrowed items must be returned washed, dried, clean and ready for re-use, in the supplied box(es). (Please see 4.0 Cleaning)


1.5        Items are loaned clean and ready-for-use in complete boxes. It is assumed our kits have been cleaned sufficiently by the prior Borrower. Whilst we will aim to check all boxes after use & prior to hire, Planet Party Kits accept no responsibility for items found to be dirty. 


1.6        Planet Party Kits accept no responsibility for people suffering from food allergies who might use our kit. If you or your guests have a severe food allergy we would recommend you give the kit a second wash prior to use to ensure there is no contamination.


1.7        Any missing or broken items must be advised at the time of return. A replacement or repair fee may be charged.


2.0       Borrowing Time


2.1        Party kits are collected on Wednesdays before or after school, or at a mutually agreeable time. Your booking must be confirmed before you collect your kit.


2.2        Drop off time is on Mondays before or after school, or at a mutually agreeable time.

3.0       Suitable Use

3.1        The plastic dinnerware (plates, bowls, cups, cutlery) are:

            a) Dishwasher Safe.

            b) NOT SUITABLE to microwave.

            c) NOT SUITABLE to put in the oven.


3.2        The Esky Water Cooler is to contain WATER ONLY. Do not put juice or cordial inside.


4.0       Cleaning


4.1        Planet Party Kits are to be returned clean and dry. Returning dirty kits will incur a cleaning fee.


4.2        We recommend;

  1. Washing by hand in a sink with warm soapy water. As the plastic may scratch easily please do not use scourers or metal scrubbers;   OR

  2. Standard dishwasher cycle ensuring that bowls and cups are placed face down so they do not collect dirty water.


To make the kit easier to clean we recommend setting up a bucket of soapy water in a safe place and placing the items in the bucket as soon as they are used.


5.0       Drop Off / Return of Kits


The condition of items will be checked at the time of return in the presence of the borrower. However, if this is not possible or does not happen, Planet Party Kits maintain the right to contact the borrower within 2 days with details of missing or broken items, and request that a replacement fee be made.


6.0       Cost


6.1        The cost of hiring the party kit is to be paid on collection.


6.2        We prefer that you pay by card or bank deposit.


6.3        A summary of costs can be found here.


By borrowing the items you will agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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